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There are plenty of volunteer activities for each and every band parent, including the building of props, pit crew, chaperoning, food committee, and many others. Have fun spending more time with your student and using your gifts and talents. 

Below are descriptions of each committee. We encourage parents to get involved. It really does take a village to get the band on the field! Benefits are having fun, getting to spend more time with your student, and using your gifts and talents. Call or email any Band Booster member for more details.

Chaperone Chair
  • Make sure there are at least (2) chaperones per the 3 buses we take to each competition.
  • Have sign up sheets for each competition for Chaperones at our Parent Preview.
  • Get lists of students riding each bus for attendance from Mr. Myers.
  • Make sure each bus has its "supply bag" with paper towels, cups, trash bags etc.
  • Make sure there is tape and a bed sheet or blanket for each girls bus for more privacy when changing.
  • Make sure each bus has a water cooler filled with water.
  • Make sure the "Supply" backpack and the "Medical" backpack with the Medical Forms goes on every competition.
  • Make sure we have gloves for each student and extra's.
  • Make sure the Plumes get on the bus.
  • Pass out plumes and collect them after competition.
  • Assist students with any uniform issues.
  • Check to make sure each student is wearing TALL black socks.
  • Sit with the students at competitions in bleachers. Our kids usually don't cause trouble, but it's always a good thing to have adult presence with them while at competitions. :)
  • Have students pick up around themselves on the bus when we get back to the school.
  • Make sure the buses are clean- no trash left after students have exited the bus.
  • Report any bad behavior/issues/excess trash left on bus after the trip to Mr. Myers.

Chaperones are mainly needed during marching band season but are also need throughout the year. Jazz Band and The Winter Guard will need chaperones when traveling to competitions. Generally parents with students in these groups will volunteer to be chaperones when asked.

Spirit Chair
  • Make posters for each student for each competition. The poster is personalized with their name, section, and the competition that week.
  • Divide the posters up between the parent volunteers.
  • Collect a $10.00 fee from each parent on the Spirit Committee to help cover printing/paper costs.
  • For each student, color/personalize old "pre-printed" posters from past competitions
  • Get school locker numbers from band students by hanging an empty list on the inside of the Band Room door shortly after school starts (so students can write their locker numbers down). The earlier you get the locker numbers, the better.
  • Before hanging posters, it is helpful to write the student’s locker number on the back of the poster.
  • The school will only let us use painter’s tape to hang the posters. Don’t use Dark Blue Painter’s tape, it doesn’t hold the posters up. The light blue tape works fine.
  • Hang posters the Thursday night during practice before each competition.
  • Candy can be asked for from parents in weekly parent emails.
  • Package up the candy anyway you seem fit to be distributed at each competition.
  • Find out how many students are on each bus, and divide the candy bags that way. The Chaperones on the buses will pass out the candy.
Food Chair
  • Coordinates food items for the carry in at Parent/Family Day.
  • Coordinates food for the band students when we feed them at school before a competition.
  • Coordinates food for band trips - either breakfast items/snacks or a meal at a competition.
  • Coordinates a restaurant stop for a meal on long band trips.
  • Find a restaurant in the town we will be in, and arranges the meal/cost with the manager.
  • Coordinates cookie/desert donations for the Christmas Concert.
  • Coordinates food/volunteers for ISSMA solo/ensemble practice night.
  • Coordinates food/volunteers for Java & Jazz.
  • Coordinates toppings/volunteers for Ice Cream social.
Pit Crew

The Pit Crew is actually a very important part of the show. The Pit Crew's job is to set up and take down any props the band is using for the show. At band competitions, there is a time limit to get the band and any props on and off the field. If we go over the time limit, the band is docked points. If anyone in the band/pit crew/band staff steps on the field before the judges say, the band is docked points. Getting docked points could make or break our placement at the competition.

The Pit Crew has 2 minutes to get all props on, set up on the field, and get ourselves off the field, while the band members are going to their start positions. After the show is preformed, the pit crew and the band members have 3 minutes to get everything and everyone off the field.

Depending on how many and the types of props, we usually need a large number of volunteers for the Pit Crew. Having a large group is a plus because maybe not everyone will be able to be at every home football game or competition. We will need the same amount of crew at each performance, but as long as we have a core of volunteers who can be at all the performances, a few that switch out now and then will be fine. This is where the Sign Up Genius sign up sheet comes in handy. Everyone, along with the Pit Crew Team Chairs, will be able to see how many have signed up for each performance and will know which performance we need more volunteers for.

The Pit Crew had a "uniform". It consisted of a t-shirt with the show logo on the front and "Leo Pit Crew" on the back along with purple camo pants. We have been the talk of all the band competitions.... Everyone wanted to know where we got those pants! The camo pants aren't required, but we do prefer everyone has the t-shirt so we look like a team.

The Pit Crew Chair may be one person or a team. This person or team needs to be at every competition. They lead the rest of the pit crew in the following:

  • Organizing the band props/equipment to fit on the trailer.
  • Assign Pit Crew Volunteers on which prop they will be getting on and off the field.
  • One or both be at every performance to direct the rest of the Pit Crew.
  • Create the sign up sheet for each home football game/competition on Sign up Genius so that  everyone can see who/how many Pit Crew Volunteers are needed/will be at each performance.
  • Set up meeting(s) with Pit Crew Volunteers to assign props and to practice with props getting on and off the field. This could be at practice(s).
Uniform Committee

Each volunteer on the Uniform Committee, is assigned a group of uniforms that they are responsible to wash after competitions.

The Uniform Committee Chair will assign lists to each volunteer and set the schedule for washing them. If at any time during the season you are unable to continue washing your group of uniforms, please let us know so we can find someone to take over.

The Uniform Chair is also responsible for:

  • Organizing the uniforms from the previous year; remove graduating Seniors names and uniforms from the closets.
  • In charge of the fittings during band camp.
  • Keep track of student’s uniform jacket and pants numbers.
  • Labels for each student’s Uniform bag and Shako.
  • Coordinate any alterations of uniforms with Sewing Committee Volunteers.
  • Create wardrobe lists of students for each wardrobe in the school and on the trailer.
  • Have Mr. Myers order gloves, buttons, and shoes if needed.
  • Cleaning and polishing shoes after each performance.
  • Assisting at each performance ensuring kids are properly dressed and ready. Making any adjustments necessary ie. gloves. missing buttons etc.
  • Ongoing interactive “job” through the Marching Season.
Sewing Committee

The Sewing Committee will be called on to help with alterations of uniforms during the fittings and any repairs needed to the uniforms before/during competitions.

Uniform fittings usually happen during band camp, and it is helpful for at least one sewing committee member to be at fittings to help the Uniform chair.

Painting Props Committee

The Chair for Painting Props is to coordinate any meetings regarding painting, and schedule times of when the painting will be done. Painting is usually done during band practices, so we will have access to the back room.

All Committee members are asked to bring their own paintbrushes and other supplies needed for painting.

Building Props Committee

The Chair will meet with Mr. Myers to find out what props/carts are needed for the show and coordinate times of when to meet to get the props/carts built. The chair may also assign committee members items to build.

This usually involves using/rebuilding existing props from previous years.

Percussion Trailer Driver

Looking for parents with a truck and a hitch to pull the Percussion Trailer for the following:

  • To Each Competition – September - November
  • To Carroll High School for ISSMA Solo & Ensemble - February
  • To ISSMA Solo & Ensemble State in Indy – February.To ISSMA Concert Band at Snider High School - April
  • To Riverside Gardens for Concert in the Park – May
  • To Graduation at the Coliseum – May or June
Semi Driver

Looking for a parent(s) with a CDL license to pull the semi to competitions September – November.

We are also looking for anyone that has a truck cab to use to pull the semi - trailer. This would save the band from having to rent a truck.

Senior Parents
The chair for this group coordinates meetings with Senior parents for Senior Recognition at the last home football game. This includes pictures of the Senior Class, goodie bags, and flowers for each senior.

The chair coordinates all fundraisers throughout the year. Volunteers are needed to help run each fundraiser. Below is a list of fundraisers the band participates in:

  • (3) High BBQ Chicken Sales in Leo and Grabill
  • Gourmet Popcorn & Candy
  • Community Coupon Books
  • Audrey’s Gourmet Cake Rolls
  • Little Caesars Pizza Kits
  • Golf Outing
  • Mike’s Carwash Coupons
  • Silent Auction / Christmas Concert
  • Kroger Community Rewards
  • Scrip
  • Amazon Smiles
  • Various Restaurant Fundraiser Nights
Silent Auction Committee

This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, held in December at the Christmas Concert. We are actively looking for committee members to make this event successful.

  • Ask for and collect baskets and items for auction.
  • Keep a list of items donated.
  • Prepare lists of basket suggestions/items needed.
  • Prepare lists of suggested companies to contact and whom not to contact.
  • Prepare list of basket suggestions for band sections to choose from.
  • Give each item/basket a number/name.
  • Prepare a Bidder Sheet for each basket/item.
  • If basket donated isn’t packaged, get it auction ready.
  • Prepare Auction Program.

This Volunteer(s) would contact past sponsors and look for new sponsors for the band. This is just an important way to fund our band program.

We do ask each family to take our sponsorship letter to their employer(s) and ask what they are willing to give.

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28 Feb
Jazz 2 Rehearsal
Date 02/28/24 02:30 - 04:45
29 Feb
Jazz 1 Rehearsal
02/29/24 03:10 - 05:00
29 Feb
Winter Guard Practice
02/29/24 06:00 - 08:30
1 Mar
Indoor Percussion Practice
03/01/24 03:00 - 05:00


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