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The Purple Band Box (PBB)

purple band box

The Leo Band Boosters are delighted that you have joined the Leo Bands family. The following information will be helpful as you navigate the musical seasons ahead.

  1. Calendar
    All official practice and performance dates are set by Mr. Stackhouse and are subject to change, dependent on many factors including – but not limited to – bussing, weather, venue management, emergencies, etc. Dates are available for review in several places:
    1. Canvas – Mr. Stackhouse communicates schedules and last-minute changes here FIRST.
    2. Website ( – The official residence of the Leo Bands calendar is here and is very helpful for long-term planning of vacations, doctor appointments, and other family events.
    3. Facebook – Both the Boosters and Mr. Stackhouse use the private “Leo Bands” Facebook page to communicate important dates, deadlines, and other last-minute information (SECOND).
    4. Email – The Boosters publish all manner of information and dates in the weekly Band News email (sent out on Sunday evenings).
  2. Purple Band Box (PBB)
    The Purple Band Box is the primary paperwork hub for everything “band.”  It is, of course, located in the band room, prominently on display, facing our band kids each day! The PBB is a place where students put forms, fees, fundraising money, returned items, etc., for collection by Mr. Stackhouse and the Band Boosters. The Boosters also uses it to pass correspondence and completed forms between themselves.  So, next time you tell your student to “put it in the purple band box,” you’ll know exactly where it goes... J
  3. Season Outline
    The following general outline of the year will help you to prepare for the many kinds of practice and performance events your band student will attend:
    1. April/May
      1. After-school practices for the next year’s marching show begin.
    2. June
      1. Students unplug. No practices!
      2. Volunteers begin assembling props for the next show.
      3. Drill is finalized for the next show.
    3.  July
      1. Band Camp
      2. Band Pictures
      3. End of Band Camp Party!
    4.  August
      1. School begins.
      2. Concert Band season – every day during class, learning the fundamentals, developing musical and performance discipline.
      3. Marching Band after-school practices continue.
    5.  September
      1. Marching Band performances and contests kick into high gear!
      2. Daily in-class Concert Band practice continues.
    6.  October
      1. Marching Band ISSMA competition heats up.
      2. Order of contest: Prelims/District, Regionals, Semi-State, State
      3. Concert Band Fall Concert
    7.  November
      1. Marching Band state competition.
      2. Jazz Band auditions and practices begin.
      3. Winter Guard callouts.
      4. Winter Percussion callouts.
      5. Pep Band kicks into gear.
    8.  December
      1. Pep band continues to perform.
      2. Jazz band continues after-school practices.
      3. Winter Guard/Percussion practices begin.
      4. Concert Band Holiday Concert.
    9.  January
      1. Jazz Band festivals and contests.
      2. Winter Guard/Percussion practices continue.
      3. Pep band continues to perform.
    10.  February
      1. Jazz Band ISSMA contests finish up.
      2. Winter Guard/Percussion contests.
      3. Pep band winds down.
    11.  March
      1. Java & Jazz Concert.
      2. Winter Guard/Percussion final competitions.
      3. Marching Band show announced!
      4. Concert Band gearing up for Spring Concert.
    12. April
      1. Marching Band leadership announced.
      2. Concert Band Spring Concert.
    13. May
      1. Leo Bands Parent Info Meeting.
      2. Marching Band after-school practices begin.
      3. Concert Band Awards Concert.


16 Jul
Band Camp - Percussion ONLY
MOD_DPCALENDAR_UPCOMING_DATE 07/16/24 12:00 - 03:00
17 Jul
Band Camp - Percussion ONLY
07/17/24 12:00 - 03:00
18 Jul
Band Camp - Percussion ONLY
07/18/24 12:00 - 03:00
21 Jul
22 Jul
Band Camp
07/22/24 08:00 - 04:00


Have photos from any of the Leo Band events? Send them over to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for review, and you may see them on our website in the future!